S138-1964 Holden EH Panel Van

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art


1964 Holden EH Panel Van

This design comes in 4 sizes

5 x 7 inches

6 x 10 inches

8 x 11 inches

and 9.5 x 14 inches

all have colour charts

A Little bit of information on this car 

The Holden EH is an automobile produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia from 1963 to 1965. The EH was released in August 1963[1] replacing the Holden EJ series and was the first Holden to incorporate the new "Red" engine, with a 7 main bearing crankshaft instead of the 4 main bearing crankshaft used in the "Grey" engine. The larger capacity 149 ci (2400cc) engine was first only sold attached to a three-speed manual gear box or the "Hydramatic" three-speed automatic transmission with a (column shift). Although the Controlled Coupling Hydramatic used in the EH was actually a four speed, it effectively worked as a three speed unit except at full throttle[2]. The 179 ci (2900cc) engine was initially only sold with the "Hydramatic" three-speed. The first EH with a 179 ci engine and a manual gear box was called the "EH-S4", fitted with an up-graded manual gear box, with stronger gears than the 149ci gear box and an up-graded clutch. The three-speed manual (column shift) gear boxes had no synchromesh on first only second and third 'top gear'

A total of 256,959 EH Holdens were produced and sold from 1963 to 1965, when the EH was replaced by the Holden HD series