P130-FSL Cutlery Holder Hoop 5 x 7

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art


Free Standing Lace Cutlery Holder
Gorgeous and easy to make, big enough to hold a table setting for one.
Made in 2 Hooping, first you embroider the top and then the bottom , 
putting the top onto the bottom just before the last few last steps.
There is also a candle cover and a table runner that can be purchased 
to match this design.
All you need is 2 layers of washaway Vilene
This design does come with written instructions.
4.39 x 5.23 inches; 
42,037 stitches
4 thread changes; 
4 colors
4.44 x 7.05 inches; 
40,261 stitches
7 thread changes; 
5 colors
This cutlery Holder can also be purchased in a set  (P131)