P127_Nanna's Clock

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art


Nanna's Clock
Lots of fun and easy to make, sew out design, cut out the hole in the center, pull apart
a clock by pulling off the hands, cut a template for the circle to replace 
the one in the clock with your sewn out design, stick it to the clock,
replace the hands, and put the clock back together.
This design comes in 2 Hoop sizes 180 x 130 and 200 x 200
Nanna's Clock 5 X 7 Inch. 
5.06 x 5.05 inches; 12,764 stitches
10 thread changes; 8 colors
Nanna's Clock. 
7.70 x 7.69 inches; 20,669 stitches
10 thread changes; 7 colors