P124_Bird Clock 2 sizer, 8 inch and 5 x 7 inch Hoop

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art




Bird Clock Clock. 
This design comes in 2 sizes, easy to make this clock is embroidered 
and then put into a clock. Purchase a clock that will fit the design and 
cut the design into a circle and paste onto the base of the clock. 
You do need a clock that can be pulles apart and the hands removed for the design
to go under them. 
The is a s[pace on the bottom of the design to put a name of some words
to suit the room you are hanging the clock in.
8 inch (200 x 200mm)
7.69x7.69 inches; 
26,636 stitches
5 x 7 inch (180 x 130mm)
4.97x4.96 inches; 
15,818 stitches
Color Changes for both sizes 
12 thread changes; 
11 colors