P120_FSL Grub Rose Doily Large 280 x 200 Hoop

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art




Digitized for the  280 x 200 mm or 7.65 x 10.75 inch Hoop

Free standing Lace Dorothy's Doily 
Easy to make beautiful old world Grub rose Doily, comes with photo instructions
Give as a gift or make for your home, Looks stunning on 
Antique furniture, use coloured thread to brighten up a room or make it in vogue.
You do need to make 8 of these pieces and sew them together to make this Doily,
its a labour of love 
you will need 2 layers of washaway Vilene, embroidery thread and bobbin thread
7.46x11.07 inches; 
62,763 stitches
5 thread changes; 
4 colors